BNB Chain

BNB Chain was introduced in 2017 as Binance Smart Chain and was rebranded to BNB Chain later in 2020. BNB Chain is now competing with Ethereum as one of the most popular blockchains for developing decentralized projects.

Unlike Ethereum, BNB Chain uses a combination of proof-of-authority and proof-of-stake consensus mechanisms, which significantly reduces energy consumption and is environmentally friendly.

Game's engine

The game is built on top of the Unity engine to make it versatile and playable across various platforms.

Initially, the game will be available to play in modern web browsers with stand alone clients for mobiles, Windows, Mac and Linux later on the road. We are trying to keep system requirements as low as possible to allow users with low end hardware to play the game.


We are taking all the necessary steps to provide top notch security for smart contracts and any other game assets. Smart contracts are regularly audited by top industry professionals. All information about current and past audits will be available at the game’s website. If you have any complaints or have discovered a critical bug please contact our tech team immediately.

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