Ways to earn

Playing the game

When players complete projects, activities or events, they earn a reward. Rewards are paid in $KALE tokens for players who reached level 10 or higher. When a player picks up a project to work on, reward amount will be displayed in the project's information screen.

Every couple of weeks, called “Seasons” Epic projects are published. Epic projects require a lot of skills to be completed. Each Epic project has a prize pool that will be distributed to those players who have completed it in required time. Prize pool is based on activity of all players on the markets and varies from season to season. The Prize pool may also include unique NFTs.

NFT collection

Most items, characters, land parcels or buildings are NFT tokens. Players own their tokens and can collect or trade them directly with other players and/or on various marketplaces. Players can rent NFT to other players.

Some NFTs may be more valuable than others, and it may change due to demand on the market and seasonal epic projects available to completion.


When players get big, and have to manage a lot of offices, it may become hard and time consuming. These players may hire other players as Managers to help them with daily routines. Managers receive a reward as a fixed amount or revenue share from the offices they are managing.

Real estate

Owning a land or a building brings a lot of benefits to a player. But it is not necessary to develop them on your own. Players can rent a land or a building to another player for a fixed amount or for a revenue share from companies residing in their land or office.

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