Real estate

Office space

Startups residing in the office receive power ups.

You may build your own office if you own or rent a land parcel, or you can rent a floor or whole office from another player.

Power ups depend on a lot of factors, like neighborhood, land, office building, office equipment.

Each office can accommodate a finite number of employees. If your startup needs more space, you may rent an extra floor or move to a new office.

Some office items, like desks, provide additional space for new employees.

Each office has limited space for office equipment so be wise when placing desks for your team. When employees are too packed in the office, they may receive a productivity penalty.

Newly built offices come with a set of basic office equipment that has no power ups but can be upgraded.

Some characters will require a specific equipment and/or office level before they can start working in your office.

Residential space

After a long working day, the player's characters would like to have some sleep or go for a walk in the park.

Owning or renting residential space near or at the office decreases the necessary cooldown time for characters before they are ready to start on a new project.


Factories can produce new office equipment. Production cycle requires some time and resources, which are clearly stated before you begin a production cycle. Depending on a factory type, various types of office equipment may be produced.

After the production cycle, the factory will produce an office equipment item(s). The rarity of produced equipment is determined by chances.

Players can increase chances of getting more valuable items by recycling (burning) his unused office items.

Parks and landmarks

Parks and unique landmarks give a productivity boost to offices nearby. Parks and landmarks can not be used as an office or a residential space.

Buildings & Blueprints

Buildings come in the form of blueprints. If you have a blueprint, you can construct a building, which will consume the blueprint. Construction process takes some time and can be sped up with boosters.

Building defines the size of the office/residence and its initial power ups available to startups residing in it. Each building has its own set of unique power ups.

Each building has a footprint and a number of floors. You can not place a building with a footprint bigger than land parcel you own or rent, unless you have adjacent land parcels that can accommodate building footprint combined.

You can replace old buildings with new ones when you are ready to upgrade your office. When an old building is demolished, you’ll be able to construct a new building if you have the new blueprint for it.

Buildings come in a variety of styles and sizes, created by Bluelight and by creators and their blueprints are available on the marketplace.

Renting a building

If you can not afford to build your own building, you can rent some space from other players.

If you have unused floors in your building, you can rent it out to other people.

Rent can be a fixed amount or a revenue share from the tennant’s profit.

If you haven’t paid your rent, all items from your office will be returned to you and the office will become available for rent to another player.

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