Characters and the team

Like in the real world, people matter the most. The better team you have, the higher are chances for you to succeed. Gather a diverse team, the one that can handle any task that may pop up during the game. Invest in your characters’ education to make them better at their job. At the beginning it may be easier to grow your team from interns who are eager to learn, but later you may want to look for a character with a specific strong set of skills.

Character roles

Each character has a role. It is something like a character class, meaning he will be performing best when assigned with tasks relevant to his role.

There are 5 roles available: engineer, scientist, designer, manager, sales. Role is important, because if you assign people without skills to a specific task, you will receive a performance penalty. It doesn’t make sense to ask your marketer to write a code, right?

Some of the characters may be demanding and may require special conditions of the office space before they can start working for you.

Skills and flaws

Like in real life, each character has its own set of skills and flaws. Skills and flaws are represented in the form of cards. Each character has 2 to 6 cards, depending on its rarity.

Skills are used when completing projects, significantly improving your chances of success.

Flaws on the other hand may interfere with project development and increase the chance of negative random events.

When a character is assigned to a project, his cards will mix into the deck and the player will randomly draw the necessary amount of cards from the deck on each turn.

Not every character may be valuable enough for you, but you can fire them to pass their remaining skills to another character.

Getting new members

New characters of your team may be directly acquired at the marketplace.

Random characters can also be found in a Bluelight box deliveries and/or won while completing the projects.

Leveling up

Characters receive experience points (exp) over the time. Characters receive a small amount of exp while working passively in the office.

As characters build up enough experience, they are leveling up and their attributes increase. They also may get an extra card for their deck.

If you have characters with poor performance, or the ones you no longer need, you can fire them and pass their exp to another character to speed up leveling up.

During the game, you can meet a special type of character, who has poor skills but has a lot of exp. Use them to improve your other members of the team.

Leveling up is a process, and it requires some resources. First, you should have enough bux and $KALE on your balance, enough exp for the character, and specific resources for each class, detailed on the leveling up screen.

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