Completing projects is how startups work and how you earn bux and $KALE. This is one of the basic game mechanics players will be dealing with. Available projects are unlimited and may be automatically generated, or created by other players.

Completing projects

Projects consist of milestones you need to complete. Before working on every milestone, the player gathers a team of characters with required skills and levels. Each team member contributes their skill cards to a deck, and the deck is shuffled. Depending on the milestone, there may be a limit of cards to play. When the milestone starts, progress meter is set at 0% and each turn random events will occur, and the player will respond with the card from his deck to mitigate the event and progress towards the goal. As soon as all turns are over and progress meter reaches 100%, the milestone will be completed. If the progress meter won’t reach 100% by the end of all turns, the milestone will fail.

When all of the project’s milestones are completed, the player will receive a completion reward (as indicated in project’s description), and the characters who have participated in the project will receive a temporary productivity boost.

Epic projects

Each game’s season, there is an epic project that brings great rewards to startups who complete them in time. Epic projects are time sensitive and should be fully completed before the end of the season.

The player or alliance who completed the project in the shortest amount of time wins. Time starts when the player starts working on a first milestone of the epic project, so players have some time to prepare. At the end of the season, the top players with the best time share the prize pool.

Creating projects

Later, when you are big enough, you can create new projects for other players to complete and earn a share of their reward.

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