Viewpoint Labs

Viewpoint Labs specializes in consumer products with a focus on web3 and entertainment. We are a team of highly skilled passionate developers who build applications with outstanding user experience simplifying mass adoption of new technologies to millions of users worldwide. Viewpoint Labs is a creator of Aloha Browser.

Aloha Browser

Aloha Browser is a fast, free, full-featured web3 browser that provides maximum privacy and security. Aloha has more than 6M monthly active users worldwide. Behind Aloha is a group of enthusiasts who believe in privacy and freedom, including alumni from Opera, Rakuten and others.

Toonbox studio

Toonbox studio was founded in 2008. Portfolio of the studio includes more than 440 projects (and over 23 hours of high-quality animation). A great number of the projects gained popularity due to the unique quality and creative approach of the team. The films of the company are being broadcasted in more than 130 countries and dubbed into 29 languages.

Dragons Lake

Dragons Lake is a best-in-class game development studio providing advanced design and technical solutions for AA/AAA games on PC & Consoles. Dragons Lake worked on various titles for Epic, Sony, and Nintendo.

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