Project financing

To maintain and develop the game further, Bluelight will take some steps to secure enough funds to pay engineering salaries and marketing expenses. A portion of $KALE tokens will be also allocated to the developer fund. From time to time, BlueLight will release its own and/or collaboratively created collection of in-game items to be sold on its own marketplace.

Initial land sale will be taking place to cover development costs for beta and the first version of the game.

Initial land sale

Initial land sale will take place in July, 2022 and will include 10,000 land parcels (out of about 65,000 total).

Initial land sale will take place in two stages: stage 1 - title deeds sale, and stage 2 - deeds to parcel conversion.

Stage 1: Title deeds

During the stage 1, players can prepare for the game launch by getting title deeds for land parcels. Title deeds come in 5 rarity types: Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary and Unique.

Only Unique rarity guarantees a predefined place on a map of San Crypto. Other rarity types will be converted to a random land parcel of the same rarity during the stage 2 with a chance to get a higher rarity parcel.

Some title deeds also include a chance to win a free buildings blueprint NFTs.

There will be an early access to a Stage 1 sales for people in the white list. Please read official Bluelight Medium blog on how to get yourself white listed.

Stage 2:

The development team works hard on the final map of San Crypto, and as soon as it will be completed, Stage 2 will be announced.

During Stage 2, holders of title deeds NFTs will be able to convert them to a land parcels and will get bonuses if lucky.

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