Bluelight world consists of cubes, representing worlds. On the day of the launch, there will be one cube world available for players, genesis cube. Initial land sale will take place in the genesis cube. Next cube will become available when the genesis cube will be densely populated and the community will agree that the game requires more space to grow.

Land parcels

Depending on the size of the cube, it consists of a certain number of pieces of the land, called parcels.

Each land parcel is described as coordinates on the map and may have a different size. The player can later combine adjacent parcels to a bigger one to accomodate a bigger building.

There are two types of parcels: community parcels, and privately owned parcels.

Community parcels are pieces of land that are shared to a community and are used as a starting point for new players.

Private parcels are pieces of land that belong to other players (landowners). They can decide to make these lands publicly accessible or to keep it private and allow invitation only visits.

Each parcel has a set of power up attributes. Players who reside in the office on this parcel benefit from these attributes.

Attributes can be improved over time, depending on the neighborhood development. Highly developed and populated neighborhoods will get more benefits.

Some attributes may depend on the landscape, for example, land with a good view may provide more benefits than a land in a desert.

Land ownership

Landowners can decide what they want to do with their land parcels, either put a building or recreation area on it, rent it to other players, or sell it on the marketplace.

Landowners have other benefits as well. They can vote on upcoming Bluelight features and can participate in occasional rare NFTs drops.

Land is a finite resource so it grows in price as more gamers are coming in.

Renting land

If landowners don’t want to develop their land by themselves, they can rent the land to another player.

There are two pricing options on renting, it may be either fixed amount or revenue share.

Players, who own and/or rent adjacent land, can build bigger offices and earn more from it.

In case the renting agreement is off, and another player has a real estate built on this land, then the real estate owner will get the blueprints for this building back, but the building will be destroyed. All items from the office will be returned to the owners.

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